Who is Nathan Ray?


I am a Small Business Accountant based in Brisbane, servicing Australia. Specializing in Small Business Accounting and Taxation.
I am a remote Accountant with most services being performed online or through video call or phone. This has enabled my business to become quite flexible in its delivery and the feedback has been positive.

2020 has been a hard year for everyone. Small businesses will come under pressure over the next few years as the economy finds a way to recover. With only 68% of small businesses surviving and 56% of micro-businesses surviving (without a global pandemic thrown in) the need for a better understanding of your small business is vital as these statistics will rise.

“Life throws curveballs, we just need a keen eye to spot them and swing with precision.”

If you feel as though your small business could use a flexible online Small Business Accountant then please contact me for a chat

My Accounting Journey


In 2013 I started my Accounting Career with Les Ray & Associates starting out as a junior accountant. The focus was on individual tax returns and how to best assist the client in claiming their deductions. I have represented many clients through audits with a great success rate, I thank my clients for doing the right thing. In 2014 I saw a gap in this business and created My BAS Mate which was a bookkeeping business. The aim has always been to strengthen the relationship between business owners and their Accountant. I was able to dive deeper into their businesses and deliver a more personal service then what was previously offered. I learned a lot during this time and got to know some really driven business owners.

In 2017 I became a partner in Your Tax Mate. With a book of 6000 clients and up to 10 staff, this was a big challenge. My focus was on small business clients, unfortunately, the same values were not shared amongst management so it was time to step up. In February 2020 I left the partnership. The timing was good with COVID 19 as I took 3 months off to spend time with my family, this I will never forget. I work from my home in Karana Downs and have built my business around my lifestyle. This was the change I needed.

I spend most of my free time maintaining my 4.5 acres, in the veggie garden, or composing music.

Ancient History


I am a qualified Cabinetmaker with 15 years experience. 10 of these years I ran a Small Business from home. 2 years of TAFE teaching the trade and giving back to apprentices. 3 years of Various jobs across manufacturing, Delivery, Sales, Customer Service, and Labour